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A character reference letter is an official letter by someone who knows a candidate well and can speak about his character and abilities. So this letter is an important piece of document in the corporate world. So through this site, you can find all kinds of character reference letters in PDF and Word formats.

A character reference letter can be written by any other person other than your previous employer, providing relevant details such as how you know the person knows you, your strengths, weaknesses, your professional achievements, etc. Since it should not have professional references, a character reference letter can be written by your close friends, teachers, or even your family members. So it acts as a testimony given by a person close to you about your character, achievements, etc.

Today every company demands a character reference letter while selecting any candidate for a job position. It helps the employer to know about the character and abilities of a person and whether he would be fit for the organization. So if you want to write a strong character certificate for your friend or relative, then you should have knowledge about the language and the details to be included in a character certificate.

So here we bring you character certificate templates in PDF and Word formats for downloading and printing. These templates can be directly used by you to write a character reference letter for someone or you can use them as a reference to write your own character certificate.

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