Sample Character Reference Letter For Court Template

A character reference letter for the court can be basically defined as the legal letter, which is addressed to the court in the course of some legal ongoing proceedings within the court. The letter is written with the purpose of character assessment for any concerned person against whom any trial is being conducted in the court.

Character Reference Letter for court sentencing may be of several types which may vary with the objective of these letters. For instance, the character reference for court assault may be required in the case of internal family disputes, criminal proceedings against the person, etc. 

This letter of a character reference letter for family member for court is generally written by a third person, who is an acquaintance of the concerned person such as the relative, friend etc of the person. 

The author of the letter writes and addresses all the relative characteristic about the character of the person, which may assist the court in taking the appropriate decision against or in the favor of the concerned person in the court proceedings.

So, if you are willing to address a character reference letter for your friend/family member etc, then we are going to help you in this course. The article would provide you with all the basic aspects of this character reference letter as the helping guide so that you can draft this letter on your own for the court trials.

Format of Character Reference Letter

Well, while writing the legal character reference letter such as the letter to the court the writer of the letter must pay attention to the extractor format of the letter. The presentation of the character reference letter matters as much as the content does, therefore you must draft the letter with an appropriate format. 

The format of the character reference letter should be drafted by keeping the purpose of the letter in mind. 

You must draft the letter whose content should be presented in an understandable manner so that the reader of the letter can get it an easy manner. 

  • You can divide the whole content of the letter in the introduction, main body and in the conclusion part of the letter.
  • The format and the content of the letter should be kept in the limited amount of space and generally 1-page character reference letter is considered enough.
  • Avoid all the unnecessary fields in the format of the letter since the reader doesn’t need the unnecessarily excess information in the letter.
  • You should leave the ample space in the format of the letter for the main body content since it is the part which is going to take the maximum part of the letter.
  • At last, you just need to have some small space for the conclusion of the letter. 

How To Write Character Reference Letter

Well, if you are going to write a character reference letter for any defendant in the court, then we are going to provide you some tips in accordance to which you should write this letter. 

Keep in your mind that the purpose of the letter is to provide some positive aspects about the character of the accused in the court so that the accused can be judged on the basis of other aspects of his/her character. 

  • Start the letter in the typical standard format by providing your name in the opening of the letter as the author of the letter.
  • Below the name, you can provide your whole address in the letter for the future references.
  • Address the letter to the presiding judge or the magistrate of the court and then simply prepare the salutation of the letter in the same respectful manner.
  • Now start the introductory part of the letter by introducing yourself to the reader of the letter and by stating your link with the reader along with the motive of this letter.
  • Next, start the letter by providing the positive aspects about the character of the concerned person in the letter. 
  • Make sure that you provide only the relative aspects of the character of the person, which can be associated with the trials being imposed on the person. 
  • The author of the letter should also mention that he/she is aware of the offense, which has been charged on the concerned person yet the author is putting the overall facts about the personality of the concerned person.
  • Don’t make up any false story in the letter or oversize the letter with unnecessary content since it will only diminish the credibility of the letter.
  • At last, you can add the conclusion part in the letter where you should end the letter with your ultimate words regarding your view and observation regarding the character of the accused/convicted person in the court.

How To Write a Letter To a Family Court Judge 

A family court is the one which looks after the disputes, which may arise within the family and pass verdicts on the same case. It may include cases such as divorce, child abuse, child custody, etc. 

how to start a letter to the court

Here in this section, we are attaching the example character reference letter for court from wife for the child custody in the event of divorce and the letter would provide you with the basic overview so that you can have the better understanding of family court letters.

Garry Vee
257th Street
Perie, Pennsylvania 11234
Dated- 25th April 2019
The Judge of Supreme Court
Subject- Character Reference Letter for Child Custody for Mrs.Lynda Korbi 


I’m Yusuf Pathan and writing this character reference letter for my well-known colleague Lynda Korbi, who’s been fighting a legal case for the lawful custody of her child in the course of a divorce. I have been working with Mrs. Lynda Korbi for more than 5 years now and know her personally very well as we have always lived as close friends.

She is a very good human being full of compassion and the care for the others with an ultimate understanding. Apart from her good character and relationships with the others, she has been a very loving and caring mother to her kids. 

She has raised the kids alone during most of their times and has given the love and support to both of her kids. This is probably the reason that we have seen a very close and powerful bond of her with the kids. 

Now in the event of her divorce with her husband, I believe that she is the one, who can be a decent parent for her kids and therefore I cast my vote to her as the responsible parent for the kids. I’m very sure of the fact that she is going to take the very decent care of the kids in their day to day lives. 

Character Reference For Court Sample with an Example

Well, here in this section we are just going to attach a random sample example of the character reference letter for a person, who has been charged with several allegations in the court. The sample letter would work as a favor to put the other character aspects of the accused before the Judge. 

Sample character reference letter for court sentencing

How to Write a Letter to a Judge to Dismiss a Case

29 October 2020
The Presiding Judge of California 
Re-Character Reference Letter for Jessica Chastain 
Your Honour, 

I’m Matthew McCracken and I’m an acquaintance of Jessica Chastain for quite a long period of time, as we have been living as the neighborhood friends. Recently I have come across the criminal charges which have been charged against her and this news literally came to my surprise of shock. 

I know her from a long period of time and we have spent time together in almost all kinds of the scenario, therefore, I feel that I’m the most appropriate person to make her character reference. She has been working in the hospital since last 3 years and has completely dedicated herself to the well being of the society by her will and profession as well.

She has always been a woman of high principles and has driven her life in the same direction.I can vouch her character against all such criminal allegations that she has always been a sober woman and can’t commit any such offense under any kind of influence and the same facts regarding her character can be checked at her workplace among her colleagues. 

With this character reference letter, I believe that I’m being able to put her overall character in the light and I hope that her character will be taken into consideration while making the final decision in the context of allegations raised against her.

Thanks & Regards
Matthew McCracken

character reference letter for court

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