Sample Character Reference Letter For Court Child Custody

In such a family dispute or at the time of finalizing the divorce the matter of ultimate Character Reference Letter For Court Child Custody becomes the matter of consideration. As per the provisions of the court, the custody of a child should be given to that parent, who is going to take the ultimate care of the child and whose presence is significant for the child.

The dispute or the conflict in the marital life sometimes reaches the level beyond tolerance and the relationships often become subject to end. In such times the lives of the kids become the matter of mess, since often both the parents want the custody of a child. 

This is the scenario when both the parents can put their side to the judge to convince the judge that how the presence of one parent is going to be more significant for the child than the presence of other children. 

Both the parents have their legal rights to write the character reference letter for the child custody and address the letter to the Judge, who then decides that who is going to be the appropriate parent in the best interest of the child.

This letter is basically written by a close relative of both the parents if there is no relative then it should be written by a close friend, who is known to the parent in a good manner. The letter should not be influenced by the parent rather it should be written in a fair manner by the concerned person so that the child can get the best possible custody.

Here in this article, we are going to provide you with a helping guide that how you can write this character reference letter for court child study in an easy and formal manner. 

Format of Character Reference Letter For Child Custody 

The format of the character reference letter is a significant part of the letter, as it is going to contain the whole content frame of the letter.

Here below we are going to mention a few tips which will help you to draft the format of this letter. 

  • Keep in your mind that you don’t need to draft a full-fledge a very long format of the letter since one simple page for this letter is going to be enough.
  • The format of this letter should be prepared just like any other letter with the alike opening.
  • Prepare the proper salutation for the respectful judge to whom the letter is going to be addressed.
  • Now leave some space for the main body of the letter.
  • Keep in mind that the format of the letter should be brief yet formal in its outlook.
    The last part of the letter should be left for the conclusion part.

Write a Character Reference Letter For Child Custody

Well, if you are having the responsibility of writing the character reference letter for child custody on the behalf of your relative or friend, then we are going to help you in it such regard. 

We understand that it may be very clueless to write such kind of letter but you can get started with our some simple tips below. 

  • Start the letter with the formal opening just like the address of the letter to the court authorities in a formal manner.
  • Below it-you can attach a subject-matter field for the subject of the letter.
    Now simply write the respectful salutation in the letter towards the honorable judge.
  • Now start the letter with a brief introduction of yours where you need to state who are you and what is your connection with the parent for whom you are addressing this character reference letter to the court.
  • Now in the next paragraph, you need to state the character of the parent in a manner that you may think is fit and appropriate.
  • Don’t make any kind of story to prove to the court how the parent is affectionate to the child.
  • You need to be practical by stating how the parent is able to take care of the child in the day to day affairs of the kid/s.
  • Here you can add the example name of those day to day activities for the better understanding of the judge.
  • In a similar manner, you can state the relevant observation of yours about the character of the parent. 
  • At last, you need to wrap up the letter in the conclusion part where you need to mention your final words as to why you think the concerned parent is going to be the favorite parent for the kids/s.
  • Now just put an end on the letter with your official signature.

So, this is how you can easily write this character reference letter for the custody of the child by any parent. If you do need more guidelines in the same regard then feel free to approach us for the same.

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